Friday, June 2, 2017

Why i stopped writing.

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I asked this a million times to myself, to be honest. Now, I'm glad to say I posses the answers. I haven't ended writing completely, as you can see, this blog is still up and running. But when it comes to other things, I just have this huge writer's block that hindered me from writing my book for almost a year. I try, however. From time to time, my notebook would be in front of me and I would try to focus, yet I just can't seem to wrap my finger around my pencil, nor mind on the story.

Trust me, months of thinking made me aware of the possible reasons. 

Slowly, I'm trying to get through each of them. I know deep down that writing is my passion and I don't want these little things to prevent me from sharing the stories that rest in my heart and mind.

1. Lack of confidence. I always have the thought of never being good enough. When I read books, instead of letting it motivate me, it lowers my self esteem, telling me that my works aren't great enough. I clearly know my writing skills aren't on point and most of my stories lack depth. What I realized was that, I'm missing out on practice. These great, amazing writers weren't born with the skill immediately! They learned it. Although maybe some are, but obviously, not all are blessed with this gift.

2 & 3. Laziness. Not only am I lazy at writing, but pretty much with everything else as well. I have to work on my procrastination. I know that this isn't doing me any good but I still do it. This is where stubbornness comes in!

4. Distraction. I have to admit, after I wrote that sentence before this, I actually stopped, grabbed my phone, and was scrolling through my social media. After I got a new phone (thank you tita Joanne!), I am always with it. Now I'll go in depth with this topic on a future post, since I had a post about "Living without a phone." which can be read here, I think I'll have to make another one all dedicated about living with a phone, haha.

I got this  idea of finding out what's causing this major writer's block and maybe with this, I could put a stop to it. 

In order to diminish a problem, we all have to know the problem, we have to acknowledge it, in order to find the solution.

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