Monday, June 5, 2017

I didn't know about podcasts and i regret it.

I didn't know this actually existed and now I am thankful it does. I discovered Podcasts on the first day of June. I was swiping my home screen left and right, having nothing to do (lies actually, I was really just lazy to do anything else) and noticed this purple thing titled Podcasts. It is one of the apps already included in the iPhone, so I wasn't aware of it at all.

So I clicked it and waited for a few minutes before realizing why the screen was still blank except for the bottom part, my data wasn't turned on for this. I quickly redid my settings and opened the application once again.

I am not sure how to describe my reaction after seeing its content. Quite speechless, maybe.

Now if you sadly happen to be like me who didn't have any idea about what it is, a Podcast is a digital audio file which you can download or subscribe to. For me, they sort of seem like audio blogs?

I absolutely love this because I could listen to it while doing something else at the same time! I even coincidentally discovered this right after watching some YouTube videos and wishing I could download mp3 formats of those instead so that I wouldn't waste so much of my time.

After a couple of days, I have made my list of favorites.

1. Now this is actually more on self help and advices. This motivates me so much in different aspects of my life. I really recommend this. They can also be found in YouTube.

2. Author Audience. I found this because I was searching for tips on writing. I have heard other podcasts, their tips are very helpful but they didn't quite capture me like this one did, because in here, the speaker Shelley Hitz not only gives you encouragement to write, but also includes spiritual inspiration.

3. TedTalks. I mean, come on, most of us know this. I really like them because I can learn so much about different things, it is so informational that I am really loving it. It is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. 

Do you have any favorite Podcasts?

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