Friday, June 30, 2017

June favorites and other highlights. | vol. 5

This is supposedly a highlights of the day/week/month post but most of the points here are just current favorites, nothing really significant happened this month. Aside from school starting last June 5, and it is currently my fourth week in school and there is already so much to do that I do not really have time to do anything else. 

1. We moved a few days ago. Although, our new place is just a few streets away from our previous one. Right now, it is filled with boxes. According to my mom, we have approximately 86 boxes, luggages and containers. Unboxing them is a horror to come.

2. I have been YouTube hopping and found vloggers who I am loving so much. First, Hi I'm Mimi. I discovered her after seeing her cover of City of Stars (a soundtrack from La La Land) which was recommended to me by YouTube and I wasn't disappointed, I love it so much, along with her other original songs. To be honest, she is my aesthetic, her videos are really creative. 
Second, Amelia Gething. I discovered her after searching for compilations and I found her really hilarious. Her vlogs are awesome, she somehow has the ability to always make me laugh. (I have to mention that she is soooo pretty, she looks like Anne Hathaway to me.) 

3. I knew Seafret since way back then but I never really checked out all their songs, I usually just listen to a couple of my favorites. This I regret because after searching them in Spotify (I am not a premium subscriber so I can't skip or pick songs, a bummer,) the first song that played was Something in the Air and it lifted my spirits, I like it so much. Another song I am recently liking is Do Do Do by Dansu, I think I found this because it was an intro song to one of the vlogs I was watching. It has that catchy old-ish vibe. Until now, the song is playing in my head!

4. I actually got a fidget spinner. For 150 pesos (about $3) in the shade of pink. I honestly don't know what made me want to get one but I just felt like it. I heard it can help you stop fidgeting and maybe focus a bit? That it can relieve you of nervous energy and stress, correct me if I am wrong. I like spinning it, however, it isn't helping me focus at all. Rather, I get distracted and mesmerized by the spinning, haha. I am trying to learn some tricks (because why not :'>) and I shamefully boast that I can toss it to the other hand back and forth. Just that. Yet. 

5. Homeworks. Projects and requirements, a lot of them.

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