Friday, November 17, 2017

My Younger Self Gave an Advice to My Present Self

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There was a point in my life when I feared being happy, nervous of what may come my way. I like to think that I'm happy most of the time. Although there's always this thing in the back of my head that warns me that if I become too happy, the negative or sad events will come to me right after. The only light that keeps me going was it's opposite, on when you're sad or feeling very down, sooner or later the smiles and the new fresh air to breathe in will come. 

After a few months of this going on in my head, I came to realize that it was just natural. Obviously, you can't be happy forever nor be continuously sad. It was plain logicI think life is like numbers, odds and evens. They always go alternately.

Just awhile ago, I was scrolling through my social medias until I realized I haven't touched my Wattpad account for so long, it's been more than a year actually. After multiple guesses of what my password could be, I got in! The first thing I went through was my drafts, since I've unpublished all my works before I went on hiatus and while I was reading each of them, I was so surprised, I don't even remember writing them. Reading each chapter that I wrote was a suspense for me and the last I've written would be a cliff hanger.

There was this particular chapter I wrote in one short story that truly surprised me most of all, it was written in a text message style and it gave me the words I've needed to read all this time.

"People  say that when you laugh a lot, you'll cry later on."
Sent 10:18 pm.

I watched as the words Thale sent through a text message burned through the screen of my phone. I thought about what he meant, and I typed my reply carefully.
"What do you think?"
Sent 10:20 pm.

"It's Fate's game. When you're too happy, things will go downhill later on. It's like, the universe is mocking us or something. What do YOU think?"
Sent 10:25 pm.

"I believe it's what reminds us that we are human and we can't have perfect lives, but we can live a great one instead. Think of a concrete wall, without holes or cracks, no lights would come in. The holes may represent the problems we face, but because of these, they give us the opportunities to actually see and get to know ourselves better and maybe even get to meet new people."
Sent 10:39 pm.

"That's  a long message ;)"
Sent 10:40 pm.

"Haha. Who started the subject? ;)"
Sent 10:42 pm.

"But what if it's a big hole?"
Sent 12:47 am.

"Even better. It'll be more brighter."
Sent 1:13 am.

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