Wednesday, November 8, 2017

5 Valuable Things I've Learned at 16

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Today marks the day of my seventeenth year! I've honestly enjoyed being sixteen so much and yet it flew past by me without me knowing it. This year has made me go through a lot of experiences that let me gain so much new knowledge. Before I say farewell to sixteen, I decided to think back through everything and pinpoint out all the most memorable lessons God has given and blessed me with.

1. You're not too young or too old.
Of course there are situations when this isn't applicable but there are also times I feel like I'm too young or not well experienced to do something, to take those steps that I have a passion for. Like writing which I stopped doing because I fooled myself into believing that I stopped because I lost my interest in it, and yet the real reason is my lost motivation and my constant convincing to myself that I'll just do it in the future. Like creating a short film which I postponed for so long after watching a lot by others that made me doubt myself, thinking that I'm a broke student who couldn't afford any gear or software for me to create a great one. I learned to try and create first steps, it might not be immediately great, but it'll get there eventually.

2. Its okay to repeat clothes.
I used to think that my wardrobe was empty (sometimes I still do) and I came to realize that it's actually filled with mountains of clothes, I just wanted something new. I always craved for new shirts or pants even when I had a lot before me, and that's not healthy. It came to me that I don't have to wear the same outfit twice in a row, yet I can make the most of what I already have, try out different ways to style it and create an entirely new outfit.

3. Don't be afraid to be alone.
I stayed at home most of the time, sprawled on my bed, and my devices in my hands. I didn't go out unless I go out with friends, buy groceries with my mom, or walk my dog. If I want to go to the mall or anywhere else, I always drag my mom with me. It didn't come to my mind that I was like this until my mom pointed it out, asking why I couldn't go out to enjoy myself, by myself. As of this month, I've went out twice and I loooved it. Getting a sundae for myself or strolling around in the streets or taking a break in the park or just having time with myself. Alone time can be quite essential in our lives, not just one where we stay in our homes, but out our comfort zones. 

4. Say thank you.
I have quite a funny experience with this, because I've gotten so used to giving my thanks that in almost everything, I say thank you. Like when someone accidentally bumps at me, "thank you!" or when I hold open the elevator while other people are entering, "thanks!" People would look at me funny and I'd be trying so hard not to face palm myself at those times. Which leads me to tell you guys that mere thank yous aren't enough. I learned to  use it in a daily basis yet not in a way that I don't hear myself anymore, rather, still have my sincerity in those words.

5. Don't be lazy to walk your dog.
As much as I love my dog, walking her at night (since she takes short walks both morning and night) is something I'm always too lazy to do. What I didn't know was how I overlooked the importance of this to our dog, Shara, and how much it means to her. This situation can be related to other circumstances. Not doing something out of laziness because it doesn't benefit you in any way is not how the world works. You can never do anything alone, at some point, you'll also need the help of those around you. 

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