Friday, March 17, 2017


an image from the short film lifeline

Aside from writing, I've always been fascinated at indie short films.

The most recent one I watched was Lifeline written and directed by Sam Jones. This was really a heartbreaking memorable film. Definitely one of my favorites. It shows us what life really is for struggling people, specifically a mother and son. A glimpse of reality and human nature.
A story about Beth, a mother who is forced to the limit for her son Ash, putting her morality to the test. Lifeline asks how far we'd push ourselves for the people we love. The film shows that even in a brutally impossible situation, there will always be something human in everybody, a connection between every one of us.
If that doesn't convince you to watch it, it also won 1st prize at International BAFTA/OSCAR qualifying Rhode Island Film Festival for Kidseye Award 2016, Best Film at Cinemagic Belfast Film Festival 2016, Best Student Film, Nottingham International Festival and People's Choice Award, International IndieFlicks Festival 2016.

Films like these are what make me want to create one too. I think that short movies (or long, perhaps) is an art of someone's vision and they amazingly have the ability to inspire people. It helps people create what paper can't show.

What other short films do you recommend?

with love,
yuki motokane.

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