Sunday, March 5, 2017

Greetings to you, March.

February has come to pass and the month of March came to acknowledge me, or I to march. However, I had to greet it with a sneeze and a few degrees of fever.

Not only am I disappointed with my colds, but also my inconsistencies in this blog. So far, I've only made about five posts, even when I was planning to make at least four per month. No, I will not be using my lazy excuse of being busy. I admit I procrastinated.

Now this "I will stop procrastinating" had been in my new years resolution and to do lists for years. As you may have already guessed, I procrastinated in stopping my procrastination. Despite that, I can only post maybe two or three for this month because of incoming exams withing the last week of March.

I also noticed that I have been 'too chill' in my studies. I like to believe that I did quite well last quarter, but I have a feeling my grades are declining this past February. Catching up will take some time and effort, but I have some to give. With enough determination, I believe I can do it.

How did February go for you?

with love,
yuki motokane.

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