Friday, January 27, 2017

My pet peeves + how to deal with them.

If I were to list down all my pet peeves, this post would probably turn to a novel. Which is why I decided to list only my top 3. If you didn't already know, pet peeves are specific behaviors that bug or annoy particular people.

And yet in no order because they annoy me just the same:

1.) When people don't have elevator manners. I generalized this because I really mean ALL manners. Living in a condominium, I always experience these events. I find it frustrating when people enter the elevator without waiting for the person inside to step outside. I'd understand if they have urgent matters to attend to, but I doubt about 10 seconds will make a life or death kind of thing. Maybe, but most likely not. 

Also when people quickly dash inside and push through the crowd. I don't get it, why can't people line up properly? Even when there are no lines, the elevator wouldn't close that fast. 

I also dislike it when people have loud conversations inside the elevator. A ride doesn't last long, I think we can wait to make a full length conversation when we step outside. Or maybe when they lower down their tone, I would finally have my peace.

I find it funny though when people click the elevator button more than once, that won't make the elevator arrive sooner. 

2.) When people ask if they can have some of my food while taking it. What's the point of asking when it's already in your hands? It's not like I'd be selfish and not share but it would motivate me more to continue sharing when people ask first before taking. 

Not just with food actually, also with other objects and things.

3.) When I eat something healthy and people ask if I'm on a diet. I find this exhausting to answer every time. Just because I chose to order salad or anything alike doesn't mean I'm on a diet. These are food which you can eat whenever you want to just like pizza and fries. 

Having these pet peeves I found ways to deal and cope with them. I can't guarantee that they would work for you but they have for me, perhaps these would maybe help you a bit. 

1.) Acknowledge them. We have to accept that we are irritated in a particular something. Denying would only give you more stress. 

2.) Resist. Resist the urge to rant or vent. It will not solve the situation. Find a way to release it that would bring no harm. Calm yourself and confront the person (if possible) and tell that person how you feel about it.

3.) Understand. This one I may be skipping sometimes but it's one of the important things to remember. Sometimes, there are reasons as to why they have that behavior or why that situation happened. Seek to gain a better understanding of the rest of the story.

That's pretty much it. I hope these will somehow help you. What are your pet peeves?

with love,
yuki motokane.

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