Saturday, January 14, 2017

Highlights of the week, vol. 1

This is quite late, but I decided to make this year a much more joyous one by taking notes and remembering the highlights of the week. This will help me appreciate my days more and look forward for the following days of the rest of the 2017. How fast the years go by!

1.) new read, anna karenina by leo tolstoy
I got this as a gift last Christmas from a friend and I recently just started reading it. I'm very excited to finally dive in this story.

2.) exams are next week, the horror!
I know I should probably start studying, sigh. For now, I'll try to organize my study notes.

3.) dear lucas!

My aunt got a new puppy and he's so so adorable. I have a Labrador Retriever as well and her name is Shara <3

4.) jaymes young

One of my new favorite singers! I can't believe I just recently discovered him, I'm so thankful I did. He's an alternative/indie singer with an album titled Dark Star. Totally recommended!

5.) my mum's birthday
My mother celebrated her birthday last January 10. It made time seem so much faster. It's weird how I'm bigger and taller than my mom now and yet I'm still happy, our embrace is still very much the same. Happy birthday, mum!

How was your week?

with love,
yuki motokane.

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