Monday, May 22, 2017

6 Weird habits most of us have

I've been noticing some weird habits I'm doing lately. Most of them are quite common, I told them to some of my friends and they said they totally relate! So I made a list and here it is,

1. Creating arguments with people in my head (with me winning, of course) and making myself hate them for a short period of time because of that conversation I totally made up. Now this habit I really want to lose. I hate arguments, unless they're short and only for some fun, maybe. Although, sometimes I do like debates but I get tired most of the time.

2. Thinking of a response waaaay too late. Like, I would have this conversation with someone. A few hours later, home and on bed, a much more clever responses to our topics would pop in my mind. 

3. Wrinkling my nose. I didn't know I actually did this until I suddenly had this spontaneous idea of videoing myself of which embarrassing reason I will not share, and I noticed I did it often, probably about ten times per minute. Only to lift up my glasses, it kept slipping down and I was too lazy to use my hands. 

4. Loving a song so much and eventually getting tired of hearing it in a few days time. I'm not even kidding when I say my preferences change every single day, sometimes I'll like this, then that, and then this again.

5. I 'try' as much as possible to refrain from saying curse words. However, that rule  is overlooked when I sing songs that have such words. 

6. Using 'like' in most of my sentences. "Like, this is so cool. Like, I'd totally get this product. Like, I'm tired of using this word."

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